Down and Dirty Truth About Pearl Bottom Radio’s EP Holy Moly by Radiofox



When you find yourself in a small town, smelling of whiskey and cigarettes, just having been in a fight with some douche on the corner, trying to go home with the girl of the night…you’ll be right in the middle of the storyline in this record. It’s a collection of stories that every man and a lot of women can identify with. Their debut album, ‘Holy Moly’ gives you pure down-home, Rock n Roll gold, and leaves you wanting more.


It’s not enough to categorize it as country, although you do get some twang in lead singer, Lee White’s, voice, and will get a side of banjo, but the music takes you to the heavier end with guitarists, Chad Widner and David Schallot, like in track 4, ‘ Knife Fight’. But, lets back up some. The first track, ‘Yellow Porch Light’ opens us to upbeat riffs, honky-tonk harmonies, and gives us a good taste of how catchy ALL the songs will be. Their single, track 2, ‘Holy Moly Gasoline’ is straight action. This is one of the best showcases of talent for the band, especially for drummer, Danny Paschal. And what is the rhythm section without bass? Ian Fagan locks that in tight. I actually think they could have a few singles in their hands from this EP. My personal favorites are track 3, ‘When Shit Hits the Fan’ and track 5, ‘Beer’.


For a band who’s name is derived from Lee’s Grandmother’s very rare and very old radio, they’ve given it a new life and a new style of music. I could imagine their tunes being pushed out by those low watt speakers back in the day, and having every person, young and old, taking a trip to the future of ‘country music’. You’ll be able to take this record with you in your truck (or black limousine), blast it during a bonfire party or get drunk to it at a bar. Can’t wait for more from P.B.R.


Reviewed by Erin RadioFox Watson of Garage71-Radio
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Photos by: Joshua Kirk
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