Prove me wrong, I dare you. A BEITTHEMEANS Story – Words by SAFchad


A few years back I was asked to help put on a show at the Highlander in Atlanta. Little did I know, that night would re-ignite my passion for music. It was a good night of locals, my band included. We were set to close the night out. Up next, three young fellas made their way under the dim lights of the smoke filled room. With a calm demeanor, the guitar player approached the mic with a deep southern drawl and simply said “Hello, we’re BEITTHEMEANS from Alabama”.


With the first strum of that guitar and the howl of that voice, I knew I was about to witness something special. Casey (on bass) and Nathan (on drums) are one of the most solid rhythm sections in the trade. Song after song all I could think is this has to be their best song. Again and again I was wrong. It just kept getting better. A band that could share the stage comfortably with anyone from Kings of Leon and Mastodon, to Hank Williams Jr. And Clutch, and do it all the same week without breaking character. It’s kind of a shame they get thrown into the “Southern Rock” genre…. not that it’s a bad thing. They are just so much more than that.


I’ve been know to really oversell things in conversation that I’m passionate about. However, I have yet to meet one person that disagrees with me when I say, “BEITTHEMEANS are the best unsigned band the south has seen in over a decade.” Words that tell stories of the south… love, hate, redemption, family feuds, and legends of their hometown. It’s like going to revival Sunday afternoon without the guilt. They tour relentlessly. Go see them. Prove me wrong. I dare you.

Sidebar; I played after them that night. I played my heart out. I still feel like my best show won’t touch their worst show. Josh was cool as he could be and complimented our band like a true gentleman. The south is a much better place with them in it. When the world decides to wash their hands of hipster candy ass excuse for music we are all choking on… This three headed beast is ready to take the crown.

Tour Dates: Beitthemeans 2015 Fall East Coast Tour
Soundcloud: Beitthemeans

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